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How to say farewell to a close friend

Girl waving goodbye to an airplaneFarewells can be difficult, especially when a close friend is moving to a different city. This can sometimes lead to avoidance -- people may end up not saying goodbye at all because they don't want to face the pain of it. However saying a proper farewell can make things easy for both of you, and give you chance to make proper arrangements to stay in touch. Here are some suggestions to help you say farewell. 

Of course, you need to see your friend off in style. This could certainly mean throwing a huge party and inviting everyone around, but it doesn't have to. What you do depends on your respective personalities and your relationship. Maybe the two of you would prefer a quiet evening, visiting your favorite places and talking about old times. However you do it, a leaving party can help you say what you want to say to each other and prepare you both for the next chapter.

Support your friend in their move
This will be difficult for your friend too, so do all you can to support them in their new life. See if they need help packing, and go over moving checklists online together to make sure all the necessary admin work is done. But most importantly, make sure you are there for them emotionally; they may have things that they need to say, so make sure you're available for that. You can help each other through a difficult time. 

Make a care package
As a leaving present, make a care package for your friend filled with thoughtful gifts for them. You could include reminders of your hometown, framed photographs of the two of you, and a goodbye card or letter. You could also throw in a stress ball or biscuits, since moving houses can be a stressful experience. Show your support by including something relating to their new town- for example if they are moving to New York, a model of the Statue of Liberty.

Arrange your first visit
When people move to different cities, it's very easy to lose contact and put off making trips to visit. You get busy with work, you need to arrange travel, or can't find someone to look after the cat. To avoid this, arrange your first visit before they leave. Arranges dates, times, and places, book the time off work and make travel arrangements. It will be easier to maintain your friendship over a long distance if you get into the right habits from the start. Besides, they will be adjusting to a new life too and will appreciate your visit. Bring the cat with you if you need to.

Stay in touch on social media
Saying farewell today isn't the same as it was 15 or so years ago. Back then you exchanged phone numbers and addresses, and you talked over the phone occasionally. Now things are different. By staying in touch on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you'll keep up to date on everything new in each others' lives. You'll see photos of their vacations, you'll celebrate their birthdays, and you'll know when their baby is due. You may not be in their presence, but you'll still be in their lives.

Accept your emotions
Saying farewell can trigger a huge range of emotions. There will be the sadness of knowing your friend is leaving, happiness as you reminisce on good times past, and everything in between. This is your mind's way of processing the experience. Whatever you feel, positive or negative, just accept your emotions and allow them to be there. See them as guests in your home -- they will come, stay for a while, and they will leave.

Realize that this is not the end
Although goodbyes are a part of life, they generally don't feel too "good." Even so, you should not try to avoid them because they can help you deal with the separation more easily. It will take some time to adjust to your new situation, so allow yourself this time. But be sure to remind yourself that this is not a permanent separation. Many strong friendships are maintained over long distances and you can do it too.

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