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Tips for shelling out on Halloween

A girl receiving treats from a lady on HalloweenHalloween is fun for both the children who go out "trick or treating" and for those who are shelling out the goodies. If you are shelling out, you want to ensure the little gremlins knocking on your door are safe and having a good time. Here are a few tips to keep it both enjoyable and safe.

These days, people are decorating their front yards to scare the kiddies coming to there doors. You don't need to overdo it, but it's fun to add a few things to the lawn. One easy solution is to shape an old white sheet into a ghostly figure and hang it from a tree so it blows in the wind. Get your creative juices flowing and you'll have a bit of fun with it. It makes it even more exciting for the children who come to your door.

Here are some tips on what you may need to have;
  • Always buy pre-packaged candies and buy twice as much as you think you'll need
  • Homemade isn't considered safe. Nor is fruit or anything that isn't mass produced and properly factory-wrapped
  • Consider items other than candy. Kids get way too much candy, their parents will appreciate it, and so will the kids. Try fun items like little dollar store toys
  • Crayons, coloring books and stickers are always a hit with young children

Keep your candle-lit jack-o'-lanterns away from children. Inside your front window with the curtains open is best.  You can still decorate the porch with with scarily carved pumpkins, but leave out the candles or replace with alternative lighting. A good alternate to real candles nowadays is artificial LED candles.

Here are some more tips for Halloween;
  • If you're driving on Halloween, drive slowly and watch for the little ghosts and goblins crossing the roads
  • Keep your bowl of goodies well stocked and placed conveniently by the door
  • Most children will arrive at via your front door so ensure your driveway and pathways are well-lit and clear of anything that can cause costumed children to trip. Bicycles, carriages and garden tools belong in the back of the house or side yard
  • Dress for Halloween yourself. Play scary music in the background. Play along and the kids will love it
When you run out of goodies to give the children, it's time to close up shop. Extinguish the candle in the jack-o'-lantern and turn off your outside lights. That way children and the parents who follow them will know not to knock on your door.

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