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Tips for easy Easter decorating

Easter Eggs in a bowlYou may not have a lot of time or money to spend on Easter Decorating ideas, or maybe you don’t have a knack for crafts.  That doesn’t mean you have to do without decorations.  You can inject some festive fun and color into any space in minutes with little effort or cash.  

Pick a bowl, any bowl
Grab a bowl and fill it with colored eggs.  You can use real Easter eggs or you can decorate plastic ones with glitter, string, ribbon, or stickers.  Add Easter grass to the bowl first if desired.  You can make your own grass by cutting colored plastic grocery bags or shredding colored paper scraps.  Cute Easter decorating that’s good for the environment!  If grass isn’t your thing but you want to line the bowl, try pretty fabric or a tea towel or linen napkin.  A filled bowl makes a great centerpiece for the dining table or the coffee table.  Baskets look terrific too if you have some on hand.

Sweetened surfaces
Clear glass canisters or even clean jars with lids take on new charm when filled with colored candies.  Decorate lids if desired.  Arrange different sizes of containers atop the surface you want to decorate.  You can use assorted candies for lots of dazzling color, or fill each container with one type or one color of Easter candy.  Mini marshmallows work as Easter decorations too and they are available in soft pastel colors.  If you don’t want to use food items, fill glass jars or vases with differing levels of water and add some food coloring.

It’s a wrap
Leftover wrapping paper in pastels or bright spring colors can be used in a variety of ways.  Cut into extra thin strips and make a tiny, delicate paper chain.  Wrap a small, flat box in pretty paper and use it beneath a center piece or serving bowl to add height and color.  Cut a length of wrapping paper to the appropriate size to make a festive Easter table runner.  Add lace or ribbon around the edges if desired.  Make matching placemats if you like.  Simply add construction paper or scrap paper to the back of the wrapping paper to make the mats more substantial.

All tied up
Got ribbon?  Then you can make your own Easter decorations.  Solid colored potholders and hand towels are far less expensive than decorator ones or maybe you already have some you can use.  The little handles on the potholders are perfect for tying on a bow to add a festive touch.  When you hang your towels, gather the center and tie with a pretty piece of ribbon.  You can use a square knot or make a bow. Tie a bow around a plain vase.  You can dress up many items instantly with just a bit of ribbon or thin lace.

These ideas should help you get started.  Have fun and be creative.  Before you know it, your home will look festive and you’ll be singing, “Easter’s on its way.”

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