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New Year's party Ideas

Fireworks at New Year's eveDon’t host another New Year’s Eve Party without these tips for a fun and safe celebration.  Learn about easy food and decoration ideas that require minimal planning.  Explore inexpensive entertainment options using photos of friends and the internet.

Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party
It’s never too early to start planning an unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party.  Whether hosting a full dinner party or appetizers followed by drinks, guests will appreciate the effort you put into hosting.  After a full season of holiday dinners with family, friends are ready to get together and let loose with less stress.  Keep this in mind when planning the party and don’t ask guests to bring anything unless they insist.
While there is nothing wrong with using Evite or social media for announcing your party, hand-written invitations are always a classy touch.  In addition to the date, place and time, include whether you have space for friends to crash for the night.  Offering your place to crash is your best bet for keeping your friends safe on New Year’s Eve.

Food and Drinks
Serve drinks and champagne in unbreakable, disposable plastic glasses and flutes.  Offer non-alcoholic drinks and gifts for designated drivers to take home and enjoy later.  If serving a large dinner, offer small, simple finger foods that do not need heating, such as pretzels and chips.  For parties that involve appetizers only, make mozzarella cheese sticks, jalapeno poppers and pizza rolls in the oven.

It is not necessary to spend a large amount of money on decorating for a New Year’s Eve party.  Reuse shiny silver or gold garlands from other holiday celebrations.  Use simple white tea light candles in glass votives or on small glass plates.  Have guests help decorate.  Print out a banner online, hang it up, and ask guests to write their New Year’s resolution on it as they arrive at the party.

Ring in the New Year without breaking the bank on entertainment.  Instead of hiring a DJ, set your satellite television to a music channel, plug in an iPod, or stream music online for the right party atmosphere.  Show a slide show of photos of friends and their accomplishments that year.  If you are lacking time or technical skills, ask friends to bring several photos each and display them where you are serving snacks and drinks.  

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