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Finding the perfect present

A Christmas giftFinding the perfect present for the Christmas holidays is rarely an easy task. The right item for the right budget often seems impossible. Too often, the gifts are returned or enjoyed only for a short time. They are never really appreciated for the long term. Here are some ideas to find a gift that is a keepsake worth treasuring.

A book
Order a personalized book for your special someone. Even young children can appreciate a book that caters to them. You can start with something as simple as a bound photo book with images of the individual’s past and loved ones. Write quotes, expressions, dates and other tidbits in the book to make it even more special. If a photo book isn’t appealing, have a storybook custom ordered. These books take the photo and name of the individual involved and write them into the story. The recipient then has his own book to cherish. You can even submit the friends’ names to be included in the story. Companies that produce these books offer stories for both girls and boys and consider their ages for the different tales. Another idea is to have a family tree made into a book. Software is available to create these books and you can organize it to suit your needs. Add family photos, dates and extra information, such as birth city or anniversaries, for a special touch. When spending money on a personalized book, always get a hardcover version that is printed on archive quality paper to ensure it lasts for years.

Keepsake ornaments are an excellent way to commemorate the holidays. These are special ornaments that are brought out each year and you can even pass them on to the next generation. Look for ornaments where you can add photos so you can include images of the individual. Ornaments that record sounds are a great way to either send an oral message to the recipient or record a baby’s voice for them to enjoy when they are grown. Some ornaments are also small boxes where you can add your own token, such as a lock of hair, and make them into a little treasure chest for you to enjoy for years.

Handmade gifts
Handmade gifts are a traditional keepsake present. A rag doll that a child can carry throughout adulthood, a scrapbook of family memories or a collection of Grandma’s recipes are all special items that you can craft yourself. The recipient knows that you spent time thinking about him while you were making the gift, which makes it all the more precious. If you have a collection of old baby clothes or blankets, you can use the fabric to convert it into a quilt. If you aren’t handy with a needle, a local crafter can put the fabric pieces together for you.

Whatever you choose for your holiday keepsake gift, remember that it should not take up too much room when it is stored. Books, quilts and ornaments all pack easily into drawers, making them ideal for people who move or don’t have a lot of space. Gifts are often discarded if they are in the way or easily damaged during a move. Keepsakes should be easy to keep and evoke warm memories in order for them to last.

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