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What are the health benefits of Zinc

Some foods that are sources of ZincZinc is a mineral that is needed by, basically, every single part of your body. We need to make sure we eat enough to get the amount needed or use supplements because the body is unable to produce zinc on its own.

A crucial role
Zinc plays a crucial role in the many processes of our bodies. This includes aiding in cell growth and support of the immune system, tissues and joints. Zinc also plays a role in helping with the sexual function or dysfunction that can occur, keeps hair healthy, and helps skin wounds heal.

Powerful antioxidant
One of the biggest benefits of zinc is its antioxidant properties. It helps with free radicals in the body and fights inflammation - two main causes of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. It is believed to aid in the fighting of cancer.

Zinc is a major player in the diabetes battle, as it helps balance hormones and this includes insulin. It helps the pancreas adequately store and release insulin. It also helps the enzymes that aid in digestion and allows insulin to bind to them so they convert to energy instead of fat.

Important to the senses
The ability to taste, smell, and see is import and zinc plays a role in the support of these functions. Zinc can counter vision loss in the event of macular degeneration, research has shown. A deficiency of zinc can lead to dull taste buds and losing the ability to smell as well.

Fertility aid
A zinc deficiency can cause infertility, so making sure you get enough zinc if you want to get pregnant is vital.

Too much of a good thing
Like many things that are good for us, too much zinc can actually to damage to the immune system it helps to support. Those who take more than 100 milligrams daily for a long period of time are at risk. If you are deficient you may need the higher dosage but will need to monitor to avoid taking too much. The elderly are especially at risk of a zinc deficiency.

Zinc & other nutrients
Many times zinc and copper are combined, or else zinc can cause problems with the absorption of copper. You will also find zinc combined with calcium supplements to aid in the absorption of these minerals as well.

Zinc for good health
The benefits of zinc are so crucial to the body that everyone needs to make sure they are getting the proper intake. If you are eating the right foods you should already be getting enough zinc, alternatively by taking a zinc supplement you can help ensure you get all you need of this important mineral.

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