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Websites that have a focus in social interaction online
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Newsvine A community driven social news website where users write stories and opinions as well as comment and vote on other content
Tumblr A microblogging and social media site it allows users to share a variety of media content
Facebook A popular social media website where people connect and share things with their friends
Vine A short-form video hosting service where users share a short video clip
Pinterest A social bookmarking website that focuses primarily on images and videos
Reddit A social media website that allows users to share content as well as vote and discuss on what others have shared
LinkedIn A social media website that focuses on businesses and employment
Twitter A social micro blogging website where users post and interact with messages called " tweets"
Google+ A social networking site owned by google
Slashdot A social news website that covers topics such technology, games, books, politics and entertainment
Instagram A social photo sharing website
Diply A user generated  social news and entertainment company
Capzles Capzles is a social timeline creator where users can share videos, photos, blogs etc. To share life experiences.