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Operating Systems

Websites that supply computer operating systems
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Android-x86 A website where you can run/test the android operating system on your computer
Arch Linux A simple lightweight distribution that is simple to use
Bodhi Linux A lightweight and fast Linux distro based off Ubuntu
CentOS A stable, manageable and easy to use Linux distribution
Debian A free easy to use and install Linux based operating system A website dedicated to talking about, reviewing and keeping up to date with open source operating systems.
Elementary OS A fast low maintenance platform that will run on even old PCs
Fedora Homepage for Fedora which includes various free Linux based operating systems
FreeBSD A free easy to install operating system which focuses on features, speed and stability
FreeDOS A complete, free DOS compatible operating system that can be used to run old DOS software
Gentoo linux A free stable operating system that can be optimized and customized for just about any application or need
GhostBSD This operating system is based on FreeBSD with a focus on user-friendliness for home and office use
Haiku Inspired by BeOS Haiku is a fast, simple, easy to use operating system
Knoppix A bootable live operating system that can be run entirely from a CD, DVD or flash disk
Kolibrios A tiny but powerful and fast operating system, this system only requires 8mb of RAM to run
Kubuntu A free open source operating system and derivative of Ubuntu
Linux Mint A free modern elegant and operating system which is powerful and easy to use
Lubuntu A lightweight Linux distribution that is designed to be lighter, less resource hungry and more energy efficient
MenuetOS An operating system with a fast, simple and efficient design
Microsoft Homepage for Microsoft it has information on their hardware and software products. As well as support services for customers
Minix 3 A free, open source, operating system designed to be highly reliable, flexible and secure
NetBSD A free, fast, secure and highly portable Unix like open source operating system
OpenBSD A free Unix like operating system with a primary focus on security
OpenSUSE Has a free operating system as well as various other open source tools available for use
Peppermint OS An operating system that runs fast, has superb cloud and web based applications and is easy on system resources
Puppy Linux Home An operating system that is easy to use, lightweight and fast
Redhat Provides various different types of open source software and services but is mainly noted for its free operating system
Slackware An advanced Linux operating system and has aimed at producing the most UNIX like system
SliTaz A lightweight, fast and usable Linux operating system
Ubuntu A fast effective operating system which is free to use