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Discussion and informational websites done in the form of blogs.


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Daily Writing Tips Publishes articles daily with tips on grammar, punctuation, spelling, word usage and volcabulary
How-To Geek An online tech magazine that provides mainly articles and how-to guides
HowStuffWorks Has various topics available for reading, giving insight as to how things work
IKEA Hackers A site about showing you how to improve and modify IKEA products Provides software tutorials and how-to guides
LifeHacker A weblog that gives general life tips as well as various other topics
LifeWire Lifewire has many blogs that revolve around the subject of technology from how-to guides, to news about technology
Make Home site for Make magazine with many "Do it yourself" articles to explore
WikiHow A how to website with guides on how to do various things
Wonder How To A how-to site with tips and advice about most things with gadget hacks, food hacks and more