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About the Web Directory on
Question Who can add a link to the Web Directory on
Answer Anyone can add a link to the Web Directory on, in fact we encourage it. You do not have to own the website/s you are adding. Our members may add to the Web Directory directly; please select the most relevant category before adding your web link. If there are no relevant categories for the website add it to the "All Categories" section and we will create a new category to cater for it.

And for Guests, they can add to the Web Directory in one of two ways. They can be included websites as part of a guest question / answer, or they can just post suggested web links, Guest can do this from the main menu by selecting "Guest Question or Link" .

All web links from any source can only be added to our Web Directory if they meet our validation criteria;
  • they must be English language websites
  • they may not contain Adult or illegal content
  • generally only the main website entry point may be used as the web link (except where significantly different content is held on the same website)
  • we generally will not add websites that have pop-ups on the entry page
  • the website must have coherent and readable content

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