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How can a guest ask a question or add a web link? - Comments

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How can a guest ask a question or add a web link?

Category: Kevin's blog

Guests can ask questions or add a web link on by adding a comment below in the comments section of this page.

If you add a comment as a question we will add the question for you to the front page, provided it meets our validation criteria. So ask away but just remember we only accept questions in the English language (any links must also be to English language web sites).


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How do I find what I want on the web?

[Example guest question and answer]
Currently the best methods to find what you want on the web are search engines and web directories. Most browsers will already come with a search box that will use one or more of the search engines available on the Internet. This is your best starting point. To search for more ways of searching type in "search engines" or "web directories" , and view the sites that are returned. You can then assess these sites to see which is best for your search. Don't forget in using search engines that the words you use are very important in helping find what you want. Refining you search words and using the advance search engine features will often help your search achieve the desired results.


Could you please add the following web links

I would like to see the following web links added to your site;
Thank you for your request

All of the nominated web links have been added to our site

Brianna Levien

Thank you for your link. Google is already listed in our Directory section under Search Engines. However, if you care to write an article about it we will also add that to our articles section.
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